Knowledge of clients of beauty salons about treatments performed in different seasons of the year

  • Beata Wioleta Jankowska PWSIiP w Łomży
  • Martyna Salwowska


Cosmetic treatments are professional body or face care in a beauty salon. Which treatment we choose depends on the condition of our skin or body. An important aspect is also the season of the year and weather conditions, because the selection of the appropriate cosmetic treatment depends on it.

Cosmetic treatments improve the appearance and condition of the face and body skin. Cosmetic treatments consist of cleansing, moisturizing and improving skin firmness.

The demand for cosmetic treatments is constantly growing. More and more people undergo cosmetic treatments, and thus get rid of the complexes and ailments they face. That is why their awareness and selection depending on the season are so important, because performing a cosmetic procedure in a season that is a contraindication may result in a general deterioration of the skin condition and the occurrence of undesirable effects in the form of skin dryness, eczema or discoloration.

The aim of the study was to determine the level of knowledge of beauty salon clients about treatments performed in different seasons of the year, to examine whether and how often cosmetic treatments are used, depending on the seasons, and to assess knowledge about the effects of performing cosmetic procedures at the wrong time of the year. year.

The survey covered 50 people aged 18 to 60. The majority of the study group were women - 45 people, which corresponded to 90%, and 5 men, i.e. 10%. The largest group, i.e. 36 people, which corresponded to 72%, are respondents with higher education.

Customers of beauty salons are able to determine the cosmetic treatments that should be performed due to the season and weather conditions that prevail, and are able to choose appropriate treatments for individual seasons. Cosmetic treatments depending on the seasons are used relatively often. The most effective and most frequently performed treatments turned out to be: cavitation peeling, microdermabrasion and mesotherapy. The effects and risks associated with the performance of cosmetic procedures in the season which is a contraindication to perform them are known and successively avoided by salon clients, which proves high awareness and the ability to individually select treatments.

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