Vaccines are not only solution to protect against infectious diseases

  • Stefan Kuroczycki Saniutycz
  • Alicja Moczydłowska
  • Piotr Zwierz
  • Małgorzata Przychodzeń
  • Wojciech Zbigniew Zwierz


In the era of Covid-19 when the whole world struggles to alleviate the pandemic, most countries were caught unprepared enough. Implementation of infectious prevention on large scale was crucial. To improve our immunological status to become more resistant for inflammation, we have to follow what the scientists already know – right now should be speed up people immunization, as much as possible, also against influenza and pneumoccocals, both causing lung inflammation, and against others diseases according to immunization schedule, not only for kids but mainly for adults. Secondly, for years, we acknowledged that some other prevention methods are working substantially to protect us against multiple diseases. We know how to prevent successfully against hypertension, diabetes type 2, obesity, inactivity, smoking habit or alcohol binge, what make people more vulnerable for debilitating chronic inflammation inside our body. The fact is that we know the risk factors which make above mentioned diseases, and we know how to avoided them, what is already well documented in hundreds papers. The preventive programme, should be delivered to public as urgently as possible. Healthy diet and physical activity along, can boost positive immunological response and protect us in many ways against many infectious diseases including Covid-19 or weakened their impact.

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