The immune system in the era of Covid-19

  • Stefan Kuroczycki Saniutycz
  • Zbigniew Wojciech Zwierz
  • Beata Kowalewska
  • Barbara Jankowiak
  • Krzysztof Zwierz



Recently our communities became in peril during Covid-10 pandemic without reliable cure and lack of vaccine against new coronavirus strain. We need to strenghten our immune system to cope with Covid-19 pandemic and other diseases. People with asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or being obese are more vurneable to become severe sick or die due to novel coronavirus. In the era of coronavirus it should be stressed that above listed chronic diseases are mostly preventable. We have an excellent programs which should be emphasized in more stringent effort and more prudently implemented before next wave of Covid-19 pandemic or other emerging diseases. Just checking blood pressure, monitoring blood glucose level, sticking to healthy diet, practicing exercise, reducing weight, are some of the best approaches to inhance immunity. Very imporant action is to quit smoking habit and avoid as much as possibile drinking alcohol. Additionally to our health condition, stress accompying the lockdown, poor sleep, can negatively contribute to proper immune response to Covid-19.


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