Impact of diet on skin condition in physically active people

  • Beata Wioleta Jankowska PWSIiP w Łomży
  • Joanna Masłowska
  • Klaudia Pruszko
  • Alicja Jastrzębska


By analyzing the impact of diet and physical activity on skin condition and appearance, it was determined that physical activity is a factor of an ambiguous nature in this respect.

Physical activity can lead to dryness of the dermis layer, which consequently leads to the tired appearance of skin, devoid of color with low elasticity. On the other hand, taking into account the impact of physical activity of varying nature and intensity on the circulatory and respiratory systems, it can be concluded that physical activity undeniably affects oxygenation and blood supply to the body, which also translates into skin oxygenation and the condition and the quality of vessel capillaries in its layers. In addition, these muscle parts, which are subject to stretching and strengthening trainings, show an increased amount of capillaries, become more tense, elastic and in addition, the amount of body fat in their area, which also translates into skin appearance and condition, is further reduced.

The skin condition and appearance of a person is significantly influenced by the type of food he or she consumes. A particularly important role here is played by a diet rich in vitamins and trace elements. They protect human body against free radicals, stimulate the inhibition of the skin aging process. They affect the condition of the skin's ability to regenerate as well as eliminate skin problems, such as allergies, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis.

Vitamins A and E, which are considered the vitamins of youth, have a particularly important impact on skin appearance and condition. They reveal a strong influence on preventing the multiplication of free radicals in the body, they reduce the depth of wrinkles and furrows. They also influence skin tone, firmness, hydration and elasticity.

What we eat and how we eat is fundamental to the functioning of the whole organism. It affects the work of individual systems, influences metabolic processes as well as the silhouette, vitality and appearance of the skin. The lack of a properly balanced diet causes deficiencies, which are visible in the appearance of our body. Wrinkles appear, the skin flaots, loses its glow, color and elasticity, becomes dry.

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